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Achievement for Achievements sake. . .

Through the decades, it seems that achievement, the journey to accomplishment, is forgotten or shaded over by the competition for monetary prizes rather than personal gain.

What happened to the days when receiving that big, beautiful purple rosette ribbon with streamers or that bright, blue ribbon that has First Place stamped in gold, was enough? When you competed in a contest just for the shear pleasure of the achievement? Focusing more on the journey that gets you to that pinnacle rather than on the monetary prize.

I know, I know. It is where all the other things I long for seem to be found. In a different time.

Well, in February 2012, I did have the opportunity to experience this.

My"Best in Show" Apron
Every year, the county HCE Boards across the state {of Illinois}, host what is called Cultural Arts Night. This is where all the HCE members have the opportunity enter their handcrafted items into about 15 categories. Of these 15 categories, only eight items {one of which is a quilt} can go on to the state level of competition. I had entered several items and was honored that one of my Aprons {shown at left} was selected to go on to the State level of competition.

This was such a personal achievement for me. As an adult, there seems to be so few genuine opportunities to boast personal accomplishments and skill for the shear pleasure of the achievement.

And then I get the text telling me my apron was chosen Best in Show in its category at the State level. I could say that my apron was the Best of the Best.

I was ecstatic! I had found it.
Achievement for Achievements sake.

And I am still smiling about it. ;-)

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  1. This apron is so adorable. Love all the fun colors and the points at the bottom.